Piccino Beginnings

When we opened the doors in December 2006, our simple wish was just to make Piccino as welcoming as our own homes. We so enjoyed making food for our family and friends and, yes we were the types where everyone said, “you should open up a restaurant.” Thanks to the relationships that Sher and Margherita had forged at the market (it was their church on Saturday and Sunday) some of our favorite farms like Mariquita and Star Route agreed to deliver to our tiny establishment, way back when. These longstanding relationships are still a part of us and we strive to show the essence of the food these farmers grow. As one of our kitchen team said, “we look for the most carrot-y of carrots” to bring to your plate!

Ciao e grazie! Margherita & Sher


Sher Rogat

Growing up in Iowa, Sher’s favorite place was the kitchen of the Jewish community home run by her father. After earning a degree in Art History, side roads to Williams-Sonoma and Levi’s a strong desire arose to start a business around food. Her creative outlet was cooking. All she wanted was a business to encompass food, beauty, and community… and then she met Margherita!


Margherita Stewart Sagan

Born in Tuscany, Margherita moved to the Bay Area at 28. Embracing the then-budding food scene, she started a specialty food import company, earned an MBA, worked in the corporate world, and taught business classes at SFSU before deciding to combine her love of business with her passion for cooking.

The two friends met in 2005, and their mutual ideas about simple, vibrant, exquisitely made food and the environment in which to serve it blossomed with the opening of Piccino and has grown ever since.


A little bit about Piccino

We get up early. We stay up late. We get dirty. We make the same impeccable dish 100 times over in a day. We laugh, we cry. We search for the best ingredients. We like to surprise. We like good wine. We celebrate. We restore. We rejuvenate. We make mistakes and then we fix them. We learn and relearn everyday. We are human. We love each other because of it. We welcome everyone into our home, Piccino.

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