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Coffee Bar

Our love for coffee runs deep. When we opened our doors in 2006 in the tiny location at Tennessee and 22nd, our 700 sq. ft. of space included a prominent coffee counter, a dining room, the kitchen and a bathroom! Our desire to be a hub for the community by providing delicious sustenance and the occasional boost of energy could not have materialized in a more gratifying manner.

Our guests were a mix of residents, designers, art students, and local merchants. And the warmth of our cafe spilled out onto the street, creating a wonderful place in which to reconnect and chat.

Today, the coffee bar continues that tradition. We feel fortunate and honored to welcome our community every day with pastries made in house, expertly prepared coffee drinks made with beans roasted by Sightglass, special nibbles and treats like house made granola, yogurt and urban trail mix.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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